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My dear friends:

Welcome to Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. I appreciate your visit as the beginning of our communication. Thank for your attention on our company.

Our company is an enterprise which focuses on the production of APIs and intermediate. After more than thirty years struggle, we have grew into one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprise in our country. "Care for life to maintain health" has been our mission from the beginning. Marketing is our orient, quality is our foundation, technology is our guidance, and management is our guarantee, as a result, we developed rapidly. Today, our Jiuzhou shows you a mature and flourish attitude.

The development of Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical is because of all the unflagging efforts of our Jiuzhous, supporting and concerning of cadres of all levels and the trust and help from new and old clients and friends. Here, I speak on behalf of all staffs for your recognition of love and express sincere thanks.

In today's economic globalization, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has been pushed in an important stage of global development. In face of the new opportunity and new challenge of international industry transfer, domestic healthcare reform and industry integrate. Create the company into a set of chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and chemical preparations pharmaceutical industry holding enterprise consisted of the core enterprises, holding enterprises and shareholding enterprises with the new chance.

In the journey of running to the new target, we would acutely aware that we should not only have the domestic in mind, but also step to the world. Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical will create more value for numerous clients with the belief of "excellent product, superior technique and careful serving". I sincerely look forward to the joining of elites of home and abroad and together create a better future.

With the shock and baptism of global knowledge, we realize that the competition in the future is the competition of talents. We would like to attract prominent talents from all over the country with our big heart and offer a stage to show your talent and superior condition for the visible people and top talents, in order to make your value of life to come true and promote the development of Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical.

Climbing ten million in barrier jebel is from the bottom, and it is the time to ride the wind and waves. Jiuzhous will continue to stick to the core value of "quality is value, staff is wealth, and innovation is future", carry on the enterprise spirit of "Unite, Progress, Strictness and Innovation", constantly promote ourselves with the responsibility of "offer the floor for the talents, provide the stage for the elites, create value for the company and building wealth for personal". We all believe that with the concerning of cadres at all levels and the public, the cooperation with numerous clients and partners, the fighting and efforts of all the Jiuzhous, we must obtain an more outstanding achievement to repay the society and all of you.

Let us hand in hand in illustrious career!

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