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EHS Policy

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EHS Policy:

Environment, Health and Safety are our pursuits during the business, environmental protection, safety production is the responsibility for a company during its development.
To seek for the sustained development of the company, we hereby commit as follows:

1. By continuously meeting the requirements of the EHS laws, regulations to seek existence.

2. Safety first and preventing contamination, continuous improvement and keeping nonoccurrence of occupational harm to seek development;

3. By saving energy resources and reducing wastage, by preventing accidents and clean production to seek benefits;

4. Loving care for life, safeguard for health, all personnel participate to enhance the consciousness of  EHS for guaranteeing progress.

EHS Objectives:

1. Set up EHS objectives in the beginning of each year

2. Break the responsibility for objectives down to the employee

3. Access the results of objectives, ensure the fulfillment

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